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Okay, let's get out some FACTS . Virgin Mobile does have unlimited tsteing for $ 20 (okay 19.99 but let's not quibble). It's called Texter's Delight. It was introduced on April 15. And you can just text without buying any talking minutes (that's what you wanted to hear,I hope). And if you do, it's 10 cents for each minute of talk time, all the time. Flat rate. No access fees. No tricks. Texter's delight gives you 30 days of unlimited text/pic/video/instant messaging and email for 19.99 plus tax. BUT (isn't there always one?), you should get the $ 30 card instead of the $ 20 card because that extra penny might not be enough to cover the taxes they will charge you (ugh) and if you decide to call someone you never know when having some talk time could come in handy. Or someone may call you instead. Some of us still use the phone to talk on unfortunately.Texter's Delight was made for people like you who text but don't talk.Btw, I recommend a topup card at all times to pay Virgin Mobile. Why? They have in the past had a lot of reports of customers being OVER charged on the credit/debit/paypal account number on file.To prevent that, a topup card is a good way to contain any overcharges. It probably won't happen, but it does give a Virgin Mobile user an extra measure of protection. Hope that helped and good luck.

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