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Name and shame strategies don't tend to lead to positive change. Back channel, private critiques will be heard better than public ones. If you don't have a back channel then (a) your public persona can emphasize the good and be obvious about what is unsaid; (b) find a reputable critic and give them your critique; and/or (c) find someone with a back channel. My own experience as a reputable professional critic of a large field is that because I don't name and shame organizations actually come to me and ask for the straight dope.

I agree that the prospects aren't going to get much of a shot, but you cant say that Grachev or Stepan wolndut make an impact on the third line and you also cant say that Dupont, Byers, or Weise wolndut make an impact on the fourth line. I think that Boyle is a waste of size. He's a decent center, but is the softest 6'7 player that i have ever seen. I wouldn't mind seeing him not make the team and I also wolndut mind seeing avery ride the pine. avery was the novelty guy for a while and he ammused all of us, but what does he bring to the table talent wise? Pretty soon teams are going to smarten up to his antics and if they ignore avery, then he will be rendered useless.Send redden down already!!!!!!!!!My idea of a line up looks like :Line 1 Dubinsky-Anisimov-GaborikLine 2 MZA-Christensen-ProspalLine 3 Prust-Drury-CallahanLine 4 Byers-Dupont-BoogaardHealthy Scratches Boyle-AveryD 1 Staal-Del ZottoD 2 Roszival-GirardiD 3 Gilroy-McDougnahHealthy scratch Emminger

Great Pictures! What a hot couple:) I love that Tony got to be iecludnd, priceless. The serious pictures are so serious! It is so different to see the 2 smiley-est people take on a no-smile face. Kudos to the Photographer, these are amazing pictures.Love ya Jess & Luke!Can't wait to celebrate you Big DAY!!

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