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Nice post, Jess. The great thing about blogging in particular, and social media in general, is that the only real requirement is that you have to have a point of view. You've got that ... and you're a good writer. Keep doing what you're doing. I'll always take quality over quantity.

Thanks so much Tom! These types of comments are super motivating. They definitely help keep me going.

It's good to see this information in your post, i was looking the same but there was not any proper resource.

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright....lol.

For a distinctive gift for a person who likes to send handmade cards, create a minute card kit for several occasions. Your minute card kit will include the necessities to make and sending handmade cards for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Package the minute card components in virtually any gift box like a clothing gift box, hat box or large decorated shoe box. Whether craft-hearted or maybe not, your gift recipient will certainly be happy with her very own minute card kit.

Purchase two sizes of blank handmade cards and envelopes from the stationery, office supply or gift store. Tie elegant ribbons round the cards and envelopes. Stack the packet of smaller cards and envelopes along with the bigger cards and envelopes. Devote the gift box. Purchase scrapbook stickers from craft, scrapbooking, stationery stores and dollar shops. Select birthday and holiday greeting word stickers, alphabet letters, and images and design stickers for various holidays and occasions (Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, graduation, wedding, new baby). Stack the packages of stickers with the bigger packages on bottom. Wrap in a ribbon and devote the box. Buy a nice pen from gift or stationery store. Take away the pen from the package (unless the package is elegant) and put it in the gift box. Buy a book of stamps from the postoffice. Devote the box. Put the lid on the gift box. Wrap the minute card kit box in elegant ribbon.

Article resource: http://www.greeting-cards-software.com/articles/how-to-make-your-own-greeting-card-kit/>How to Make Your Own Greeting Card Kit

Amanda, this is a great alternative list to moiwng lawns and lemonade stands. The ideas in this book also are great responsibility motivators for young ones. Money is a great motivator to self discipline and empowerment and for self growth of all kinds. Ask any entreprenuer how much they learn about themselves after becoming self employed and don't receive that regular paycheck coming in!Thanks so much for sharing,Love and Light,Kris

The best automobile home security system can discourage anybody who's considering stealing your automobile or its valuable contents. Car alarms emit a loud sound, like a siren, horn or verbal warning. Some cause the lights to flash, page the dog owner and keep carefully the car's electrical systems from starting.

At the Factory An authentic equipment manufacturer (OEM) alarm is made to the car when it's being made at the factory. Many alarms are switched on or off with a keyless remote. With some automobiles, door cylinders activate switches, therefore the alarm will arm or disarm whenever a key is put in the lock. Other vehicle alarms switch on when the driver presses the ability door lock switch and closes the doorway. Still other automobiles include an ignition-based system. When the best key code can be used and the ignition is switched on, the alarm will switch off. After-market alarms After-market alarms are installed following the car is made by the vehicle dealer, vehicle supply store or the auto's owner. Like OEM alarms, after-market systems in many cases are turned off and on with a vital fob remote-control device. This remote includes a really small battery-powered radio transmitter. The battery will go dead or work less well as time passes. It ought to be changed every 2 yrs or sooner, based on what's recommended by the specifications. Sometimes radio stations frequency is blocked by other nearby transmitting devices. Put your audio system in after or at exactly the same time as your home security system, so it won't be stolen from an unarmed car. Don't skimp on an alarm. You certainly do not need to obtain the highest priced unit, but watch out for low-end non-brand-name products and services. Read product comparisons and reviews before buying. Additionally, you will need to cover the installation, unless this is something you are able to do your self. Passive or Active Voice You will find either passive or active car alarms. Passive alarms are instantly armed whenever you switch off the ignition and close all doors. By having an active alarm, you turn the machine on or off with a transmitter button. Ask your insurance provider in regards to a reduction in your automobile coverage in the event that you install either one of these simple kinds of alarms. Alarming Situations The alarms will sound at differing times with respect to the model. With the doorway sensor, the alarm will automatically stop if the doorway, trunk or hood is opened. Similarly, a window sensor goes off when the window is shattered. A shock sensor will trigger the alarm if the vehicle is moved, and a pressure sensor goes off when the interior air pressure changes if your door or window is opened. The tilt sensor alarm will sound if the thieves attempt to tow your automobile. A lot of today's alarms combine a number of these features to maximise protection. Alarm Specials In the event that you reside in a place where alarms sound constantly, purchase an alarm that enables you to program usage. One alarm, for instance, ignores input when it went off three or even more times within an hour, if you don't reset it. In certain locations, car alarms stop so usually that they're completely ignored. Nyc cops say these automobile alarms increase crime: Because everyone else ignores the alarms, it creates thieves believe nobody is watching criminal acts for the reason that area. Many car manufacturers are actually installing silent immobilizers or vehicle tracking systems that police may use to locate a stolen vehicle. In some instances, an automobile owner can get a message or be paged when somebody tampers together with his car.

Cite: http://www.best-car-alarm.com/articles/types-of-car-alarms/>Types of Car Alarms

It really dedenps on the system. All of the bigger alarm companies use around the same level of product as far as quality. Be advised of the following, what the alarm companys do is sign you to a contract for years at a time. Say 4 yrs for 199.00 Right? ok and what they do is incrementally increase your monthly fee after that. The average total equipment cost for a small residential alarm system is right around that 199.00 wholesale so they lose a few bucks on the initial install to get you signed on for years at a time. They usually tie right into your phone system and if improperly installed , depending on your area they may have fines for false alarms. If you live in an area where home invasion is a possibility I would have one installed for sure. But make sure you shop around, Brinks and ADT are national companys. they sometimes pay installers by the job so sometimes these guys race in and out and are pulling baseboards to route wires all over and if improperly done can be a real mess. Professional installations costs far more, not so much for the equipment as they are typically about the same at the entry level, but for the time for a professional installer to come in and hide every wire. I would insist that not a wire show and that can be done , dont let them tell you different as I have done it, 15 yrs ago I did so. I am now a licensed master electrician and do much larger scale work. So in summation, if you feel unsafe in your neghborhood, have a high crime area, its worth it for the fire and the ability to silently call for help from a key pad. Things to avoid, Wireless systems, more trouble than what they are worth. Get a good Hard wired system installed professionally and make sure you read the total cost of what your signing. make sure they will pay for any fines incurred by an ill operating system. And if you do have one installed make sure they take hours with you to completely train you in the operation of your alarm system. get them to include this service in writing up front. And lastly I hope you never need to use an alarm. Other questions to ask, The systems use a dialer to call in, if in an emergency the alarm will cut off telephone service until it is finished dialing in. Also check and see where and how fast there dial up system is. I have seen where in remote locations its a long distance call to a monitoring center and there are also little system checks that can report in requiring a phone call usually programmed in the night. But if this call is long distance it can add to telephone bill. Also the battery back up on the controls, for 30 dollars a month you should get a new battery installed for free every two years or so, I would also ask for this. Watch for wording in the contract that allows them to raise the rates , and especially after your contract expires expect the rate to rise, they do this to all of there customers. i once went to a clients home to find she had been paying 90 dollars a month, She had been a customer with them for many many years. What i did was replaced her old system with a new one, charged her nothing, and placed her on a new contract Probably why i dont work there anymore LOL Anyway I have saved people with alarm systems and I have seen where it was a bad place to have it.Oh if you have pets , dont let anyone fool you into saying they have a special pet lense, its all BS, they always end up setting it off trust me I have taken them out in the old days..Good Luck

hello..I was browsing for Sekolah petlia harapan, and your blog shown.I work at the school you are going to teach, and I would like to welcome you.. I pass by the house that you posted almost everyday. it is a very good environment and it is surely a very nice house.what are you going to teach? I am a homeroom teacher in kindergarten. The school is now under renovation. we always renovate during the holiday.so when are you coming? I wish that you and your family will have a save flight.God bless you!Monik

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