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I think this will motivate me into actually shooting some video for my blog. Bought a flip cam and still have not decided when to use it for my Blog. I guess my biggest fear is not having the video look right. Listening to my voice, the way I speak, or even engaging with the camera can be too much of getting familiar with and feeling comfortable for me.

I think I will look for benefits in using video and maybe convince myself that even if it does not look perfect I should try it out and tweak it along the way. It is funny how I preach this to some of my clients but sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to put in practice (making me understand them a lot more).

“For everything you have miessd, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson His writing is profoundly moving isnt it! This was such a lovely, open and honest guest post Emily. You are beautiful and clearly are jetting down the right path- its inspiring to read your perspective and how you have been able to embrace the unknown in life to propel you into the life you want! <3

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