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1) Would you recommend WordPress as a partfolm for a website? I've seen a number of mixed responses from developers and marketers.2) How many blog posts do you think you should write to have any impact online?

I need your help Mark. I was going thro your BlogandPing Mater Course.It was excellent and went step by step thro your turtoial but found difficulty in 2 steps while changing the settings in the Bloggers account.There are1 In step 2: Settings-Publishing Tab .I never saw the notification about Weblog.com2 step 6: settings-site feed tab .NEVER SAW THE SITE FEED URL APPEARING ANYWHERE.HOPE YOU COULD ANSWER MY QUERIES ASAP SINCE I HAVE JUST STARTED OUT AFTER A PERIOD OF 2 YEARS

I have so much difficulty when trying to find decent blogs, it seems everyone runs them to make a profit
Shared this on my Facebook, very interesting!

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